"Our Mission has always been to create a Company that offers a higher quality of life for both it's Team Members, as well as it's Customers."

-Derick Robbins

How it Started

TOS Lawn & Landscape originally started out as “The Other Side Lawncare” before becoming an LLC and rebranding to “TOS Lawn & Landscape LLC”

Our company began with an Idea that started from a conversation with a Co-Worker about owning a service based business.

“I simply got tired of working for a company that didn’t treat people right, so I decided on the pursuit of building one that does!” 

-Derick Robbins

How It's Going

Since Inception, TOS Lawn & Landscape LLC has began pushing towards both our Vision and our Mission Statements!
Our Vision, “To become the highest rated and best overall Lawn Service in Wabash Indiana.”
Our Mission, “to create a Company that offers a higher quality of life for both it’s Team Members, as well as it’s Customers.”

In 2021, we started the season with only 5-Customers. By the end of the mowing season, we are happy to announce that we are currently serving nearly 30 Properties for over 25-Customers!

In Summer 2021, we were able to implement a card on file and autopay feature, as well as a few other improvements in our scheduling and estimating process!

Currently, we have the most 5-Star Reviews for Lawn Care Providers in Wabash Indiana on Google with 11, (5-Star Reviews!)

Looking Forward

Looking forward, we expect to expand our services, expertise, and team!

Our Goals for 2022 include attaining 45 New Customers, Hiring 1 Full-Time Employee, and Further building a Name for TOS Lawn & Landscape LLC in the Wabash Community!

All of us at TOS Lawn & Landscape LLC would like to extend our gratitude to YOU, our Customers!
Thank you for a Great Start! We look forward to Serving You this 2022 Season!

Meet our family

Derick & Kayla Robbins

Founders & Owners

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