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We don’t just cut grass, we care for it! Firstly, As the Highest Rated Lawn Care Company in Wabash Indiana, We take pride in everything we do!
Secondly, we take every detail into account to provide the best Service possible! As a result of attention to detail, customers are happier and more likely to choose our services year round.
In short, at TOS Lawn & Landscape LLC, we are all about building better relationships, building better employees, and “Building Better Lawns.”

Mowing Services

Providing Lawn Care in Wabash Indiana and Surrounding Areas


Mowing Only (Weekly)
Mowing and blowing clippings off of walkways and driveways. In other words, this service is best for a budget.

Starts at $27.00


Bi-Weekly Full Service Lawn Maintenance
Grass cut to 3″ height every 2 weeks to maintain a healthy lawn year round. Extra trimming, mowing, and blowing time factored into cost.

Starts at $56.25

Best (Lawn Member)

Weekly Full Service Lawn Maintenance + Raffle Entry
Grass cut once per week at a height of 3″ to give a rich, full look to your lawn while also protecting from the harsh summer heat. All Residential Lawn Members gain entry into our monthly “1-Free Lawn ServiceGiveaway!

Starts at $37.50/WEEK

Need Help Deciding Which Service is BEST for you?

Weekly Full Service Lawn Maintenance (Lawn MEmber)

The best service you will ever purchase! Let’s jump into the benefits and bonuses! Firstly, your lawn will be MANICURED. This Package is sure to place your lawn above all in the lawn game. For example, we visit your property every week and provide you with the highest quality workmanship. As a result, your lawn stands out from the neighbors. To clarify, this maintenance package will have onlookers raving over your lawn. Drooling at the sight! We take pride in our services and most importantly, we take pride in our raving customers. Choose this package and you will certainly be pleased with the outcome. If that wasn’t convincing enough, Lawn Members also earn 1 entry per month into our Raffle for 1-Free Cut. It’s as easy as signing up for services and following our Facebook Page to know if you’ve won!


During the Spring Rush, we advise against Bi-Weekly Maintenance. However, you still may choose this option. As a result of Bi-Weekly Service, we sometimes see excess clippings on top of your lawn. That is why this service is our second best option. In Conclusion, this service is for those who don’t want the hassle of trimming and edging themselves, but still like to save money.

Weekly (Mowing Only)

Firstly, this service is great for a budgeting individual. For example, lets say you don’t mind working in the lawn, but you think purchasing a mower is out of reach. On one hand you think you could save money push mowing your big yard. On the other hand, you don’t like working 40+ hours a week to come home and mow for two-hours. You know you need to get some time in the sun, but as a result of working during the week, you feel drained. To clarify, You handle the Trimming and let us handle the rest!

In conclusion, TOS Lawn & Landscape LLC wants you to know that we can and will make every effort to provide you with the best level of service. Furthermore, we look forward to servicing your property and building quality relationship with you this season!

The Best Lawn Care Service in Wabash Indiana!

Everything we do is approached with excellence in mind. From cutting and striping grass, to trimming and edging your properties fine details! View the options for Lawn Maintenance Services listed above to find out which service fits your budget and property needs best! Nobody will provide better service than us!

Our Process

We start by mowing two passes around the perimeter of your property, outlining the area and getting as close as we can to garden beds and obstacles. From there we cut a beautiful stripe design into your yard, and follow up with trimming what the mower couldn’t reach.
From there we edge sidewalks and garden beds, followed by blowing clippings off all areas grass shouldn’t be!
As a result of following this process, you have a yard that is clean and tidy, as well as beautifully striped.

TOS Lawn & Landscape LLC

“Building Better Lawns”

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