Snow Removal & Ice Management

Offering Snow Removal Services in Wabash Indiana.

Looking for Commercial Services?

Snow Removal Services for Wabash, Indiana Residents

The Best Snow Removal Service in Wabash, IN

Seasonal Unlimited

Unlimited Full Season Plow Services.
$ 169
  • Snow Plowing 2" or Greater
  • Snow Shoveling 2" or Greater
  • Salt Upon Request

Per event

Plow Services Per Event.
$ 79
Per Event
  • Snow Plowing 2" or Greater
  • Snow Shoveling 2" or Greater
  • Salt Upon Request

salt application

Salt Services.
$ 39
Per Event
  • Salt Upon Request

Keeping Families and Businesses Safer in Snow

Snow Removal Services in Wabash Indiana and Northeast Indiana.

24/7 Emergency Service

Snowstorms can strike at a moments notice and leave you unable to live out your daily life! However, our team is committed to lowering the chance of that happening. Furthermore, when you Sign-Up for our Snow Removal Services, you free up the burden of getting stuck at home. We always have someone on-call and ready to plow the worst Indiana Snow Storms!

Equipment to Handle The Job

Managing snow can be a pain in the back, that’s why we are investing year over year into new equipment that helps us get the job done right the first time! After all, you shouldn’t have to shovel your sidewalks and driveways, and we wouldn’t want you to. As a matter of fact, all of our trucks are outfitted with snow plows and salt spreaders to ensure your property is free of Snow and Ice. Generally, ‘Western’ plows are our go to for pushing the snow, and ‘SnowEx’ Spreaders are our go to for ensuring you have an even layer of ice melt applied to your parking lots and driveways.

Seasonal Unlimited (Residential ONLY)

How our company is Simplifying Services for our Customers! TOS Lawn & Landscape LLC offers UNLIMITED plans for $169.99/month. The Unlimited Plan allows you to setup your Card-On-File Billing and not worry about when the snow flies. If it snows 30-days in a row, you still only pay the $169.99!

Still Wondering if you should hire a snow removal contractor this year?

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'Benefits of Hiring a Professional'

Keeping Businesses Safer

We’ve all experienced it, you go to the grocery store the day after a snowstorm, find a parking spot close to the door, get out of your car and BANG! Right down onto that cold, wet asphalt you go! Though everyone may have experienced a similar instance in life, they shouldn’t have too! Both our Leaders and our Team Members believe that our commercial lots should be maintained at the standard of safety we would want for our dearest loved ones! That is why we always ensure we are dropping the proper amount of Ice Melt Application every service. Generally we use Bulk Salt when treating asphalt, and in extreme cases we will use specialty ice melt in order to reach a lower temperature melting point. As for concrete walkways, we use minimally corrosive salt substitutes in order that your walkways are safe for visitors and associates.


Weekly & Bi-Weekly Services

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