Our History

It all started as a side hustle that became passion. Working 50-60 hours a week in factory settings, constantly being told not to chase a dream, and to live on the safe side of life. 2020 approached quickly and the idea was to just start where we were, with what we had. We grabbed our first client with a $30 push mower and an electric trimmer. Thus began the most enjoyable, yet painful 4 hour mowing job of our life! At the time our Business name was “The Other Side, Lawncare.” From there the word spread about great lawn maintenance for a fair price and so began our Licensed and Insured business that you now know as “TOS Lawn & Landscape LLC.” One turned to Two, then Three and Four clients until the spring of 2021 when we started approaching our business as full-time work instead of a hobby. Spring rush brought TOS Lawn & Landscape to the surface with an overwhelming amount of new client inquiries. Currently we stand in the Top-5 Lawn Maintenance Service Providers in Wabash, Indiana and maintain 30+ Accounts for our customers.

“Professional attitude and service. Prompt in getting back to customers for questions. Lawn looks great which is what it’s all about. Highly recommend.”