Why Choose TOS?

No Lawn Service Contracts… Ever.

Never sign a contract again! There’s no reason to be locked into a Lawn Service through the winter when your grass doesn’t even need to be cut. Use that money for your family Christmas.

Pay As You Go.

Our online billing system is a customer favorite and even allows you to save a form of payment for quick and easy payment options! With invoice reminders, you’ll never forget to make a payment! During this crazy time, we have found that it also helps us maintain our goal of social distancing and safety, stopping the spread of germs to others in the community.


We offer the best service guaranteed! If you are ever dissatisfied with your services, simply let us know and we will come back and fix it, no questions asked. If for whatever reason you are still dissatisfied with your service, we will pay for a competitor of your choosing to fix it.

New Customer Discount (10% OFF!)

All new customers who utilize our lawn maintenance services receive 10% OFF their entire first year! That means you save 10% EVERY SINGLE VISIT! From Mowing to Leaf Cleanup, you can rest assured knowing that you are paying bottom dollar for top of the line service!

Offer valid on Lawn Maintenance services only. (Mowing, Trimming, Edging, Leaf Cleanup)

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